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21 December 2011

Dennys: News Politics Comedy Science Arts & Food: Check Out Christmas Posts: Funny, Music, Cartoons, Quotes, Recipes, Poems, Stories

Dennys: News Politics Comedy Science Arts & Food: Check Out Christmas Posts: Funny, Music, Cartoons, Quotes, Recipes, Poems, Stories: From Denny:  Check out so many Christmas themed posts that you will pig out like it is a holiday feast.

I've been blogging for three years now and have found loads of Christmas music of all genres - and still adding.  Interesting food to enjoy along with Christmas humor to keep you laughing as well as munching through your busy holidays.

This year I'm adding more Christmas stories and poems, the classics.  Every year there are new recipes to try so the holiday food train just keeps on rolling!
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16 December 2010

17 Christmas Music and Fun Videos

Enjoy some popular and traditional sacred music for the Christmas season, along with some funny holiday flash mob videos.

From Denny: A person could spend a lifetime sifting through all the offerings over at YouTube and be happy. What fun to explore, looking for interesting Christmas music to fit a wide variety of reader interests.

Here are the offerings I've gleaned for this year. The first song, YouTube sudden viral hit, is from a newcomer, Becky Kelley, whose father wrote the song after Becky related a conversation from her nephew while they were standing in line to see Santa at the mall.  It's their first published song, a real shock to the music industry who came asking for more of their work.  I guess they had better get busy. :)

And now you have plenty here to help you stress down from  the holiday rush, make you laugh, and even get you pumped back up feeling inspired.

Music Video: Wheres The Line To See Jesus? by Becky Kelley - Check out the newest addition to Christmas music this season born out of a true story - and a YouTube viral hit.

Music Video: Mary, Did You Know? By Clay Aiken - When you need some inspiration to lift your spirits or soothe your nerves during the holiday rush.

Music Video: Pie Jesu by Celtic Woman - Learn the meaning and history of this traditional song, Pie Jesu, which hails from ancient Christianity, rearranged by composers throughout the centuries.

Music Video: You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban

Music Video: The Prayer by Josh Groban, Celine Dion, Charlotte Church

Music Video: In The Arms Of The Angel by Sarah McLachlan and Josh Groban

Music Video: O Holy Night by Celine Dion

Music Video: Note to God by David Foster and Charice

Music Video: The Christmas Shoes

Music Video: Where Are You Christmas? by Faith Hill

Music Video: Christmas Tree by Lady Gaga

Music Video: The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole

Music Video: Michael Buble, Jennifer Hudson Christmas Duet - Christmas music for everyone to enjoy.

Funny Flash Mob Video: Dancing Elf Horde Invades New York City - Get into the holiday spirit with a dance flash mob horde of Santa Christmas elves making mischief in NYC.

Music Video: Christmas Carol Flash Mob Sarcastic British Style - Hear The 12 Days of Christmas like you never heard it before.

Funny Video: NYC Folate Carolers Flash Mob Sings Christmas - Funny and clever singing and dancing takes New Yorkers by happy surprise during Christmas season.

36 Christmas Posts: Music, Humor, Poems, Stories, Quotes - Explore a bonanza of Christmas offerings from music to humor to quotes to food and lots of good stories - and poems, both original and traditions from the past.

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