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15 December 2011

Comfort Food From Louisiana: Beef: Braised Sirloin Tips

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Comfort Food From Louisiana: Beef: Braised Sirloin Tips: From Denny: Want a low maintenance meal to throw in the oven during the holiday season while you tend to other things? A hearty casserole is always welcome when the weather turns chilly. You might want relief from dining on turkey. Why not try this easy braised sirloin tips recipe?

Besides, it has brain food: mushrooms. During the holiday season it's easy to get frazzled and it sure is fun to know that mushrooms are available to get our overloaded brains back on target. :)
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23 March 2011

Grilling Steaks: Tips, Cooking Times, Great Sauces

Porterhouse SteakGrilled porterhouse steak Image by Dave Kliman via Flickr 

From Denny:  Want to learn the best tips for grilling that perfect steak? Warm weather - and a hearty  pollen season - have arrived here in south Louisiana and our thoughts are already turning to grilling season. If you want to perfect your technique, learn how to make a perfect French classic sauce in the blender or brush up on your steak cooking knowledge, then read on. Oh, and no drooling allowed. :)

Grilled Steak Menu

■ Filet, Porterhouse or New York strip.


■ Béarnaise Sauce.

■ Sautéed Mushrooms.

■ Blue Cheese Butter.

What steaks do most people enjoy?

It's about personal preference and how big a portion you can eat.  Look for good marbling in the meat and are bright red in color.  The less marbling of fat the leaner - and sometimes tougher - will be the meat.  Filet is a far leaner steak and it's advisable to rub it with a bit of olive oil before grilling so it will stay moist during the cooking process.

Most popular steak cuts: 

New York Strip - very meaty flavor with bone in
Porterhouse - very meaty flavor too
Filet - tender, juicy, foolproof to grill in a pan or outside on the grill

08 February 2011

From Chef Guy Fieri: 5 Super Bowl Party Appetizers

From steak sliders, pork bites to barbecue shrimp, Guy Fieri has all your favorite finger foods for the perfect party.

From Denny: Chef Guy Fieri offers up some stellar munchies for any party menu for a crowd to enjoy. These recipes are the result of his association with Ritz crackers as a spokesman. All kinds of delightful finger foods are made from steak like mini-Philly steaks, barbecue bacon-wrapped shrimp, chili-garlic Chinese pork with pineapple slaw and turkey sausage and cheese stuffed jalapenos. Need I say more? :)

Be sure to check out the download pdf file, Ritz Guy Recipes, with more recipes too.

Recipes Featured:

Ritz Cheese Steak Sliders
Bacon Wrapped Prawns with Chipotle BBQ Sauce
Big Island Pork Bites
Ritz Asian Shrimp Toppers
Italian Stuffed Jalapenos

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